2 consecutive blowjobs x 2 consecutive vaginal cum shots! Semen Exploitation Reverse 3P All Twice!


ExploitationAn outline of the story

Miyu Morita and Nana Natsume, two beautiful girls with beautiful tits and cute little faces, start off their threesome by showing off in front of the guys! They lick each other’s pussies and rub each other’s pussies together! The two girls are so horny that they start a reverse threesome with the guy lying on the bed with them!

Nana-chan takes turns sucking and sucking on each other’s cocks, and then she catches the sperm in her mouth! Miyu then squeezes the sperm out of her mouth and shoots it into her mouth twice in a row! Nana-chan is hand-fucked and clit-fucked by a man and a woman, and they make her squirt and cum!

They play threesome with each other in a variety of positions, including riding each other and face-horseback riding, and they take turns pistoning each other! Of course, they finish with a double blowjob! Plenty of extraction points! Erotic lascivious harem heaven where you get squeezed for a total of 4 times your semen! A reverse threesome with double the semen!

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