Weekdays are service days! Continuous ejaculation to two sexy therapists!


therapistAn outline of the story

Weekdays only! This is a men’s esthetic salon where beautiful, slender, and busty Reo Tsubaki and cute Rina Kawamura with G-cup and big tits will give you a treatment! As soon as they come out of the shower room, they give you a hand job and kiss you while making sexy noises.

She sucks my cock alternately while making a loud sound! They take turns sucking on each other’s cocks, and the lube and masturbation make their cocks bounce even more vigorously!

Rina and Leo take turns going back and forth between their beautiful pussies and enjoying each other’s bodies in various positions before finishing off with a massive vaginal ejaculation into Rina’s pussy!

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2. In case of not sold as a single item and if you are already a membership, please go to login therapist at the upper right corner of the screen.

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