Tight-fit swimsuit with a prominent pussy line

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We picked up Akane, a cute little loli with a baby face! She was on her way to the swimming pool, so she was already wearing a swimming suit under her clothes. No bra, no panties, of course!

She was not wearing a bra pad, so we could see her nipples! Her beautiful ass from the pool and her man-muscles stand out in her high-leg, tight swimming suit! She demonstrates how to crawl while spraying water and moaning as she gets fucked by an electric horny cocksucker, cunnilingus, handjob, and a vibrator inserted in her pussy and hooked to the crotch fabric of her swimsuit!

She then demonstrates how to crawl while panting and moaning, and then she shifts her swimsuit and gets fucked live! Please enjoy the stupidity of amateur girls who pant loudly and live! Even if she does vaginal cum shot, goes to the pool and chlorine will enter, so it’s okay! ?

Release Date: 2022/09/13
Duration: 01:00:31
Featuring: Akane Osaki
Age: 21
Tags: Amateur Pickup Swimsuit Slender Pretty Tits Creampie Vibrator Cunnilingus Blowjob


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