Two horny women in Kimono learn the joy of sex

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Two Yamato Nadeshiko get to know their male counterparts in this H-movie study!

HITOMI and Sumire Mika, two beautiful women who look good in kimonos, surround a man and give him an in-depth hands-on study of how to attack a man! The defenseless man who lay down as they were told is carefully examined. Mika begins to caress the man with her tongue as she learns from HITOMI.

While licking the man’s body, the two of them remove their own kimonos and encourage the man to lick their pussies. They beg for their cocks while wrinkling their brows and moaning. Mika is very happy to have experienced real sex with HITOMI-senior’s help.

Starring: HITOMI, Mika Sumire
Genre: original nicetitties creampie kyonyu paipan handjob eatpussy 3p
Duration: 01:01:46

Please enjoy yourself pretending you were a customer and being given hospitality to your di●k’s content.

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Some are mosaiced by the rules, but the main story is not mosaiced.



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