My Best Friend’s Girl Friend: Mai Hazuki

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Mai Hazuki, with her cute and friendly smile, makes her first appearance on Ippondou! In the “Best Friend’s Girlfriend" series, she plays the role of a naughty ex-girlfriend! When he goes to visit his best friend’s room, which is much cleaner since he got a girlfriend, he finds Mai, his ex-girlfriend who is very good at tidying up. She says that she has been tidying up, leaving only the things that make her happy, or perhaps she has been throwing away 80% of her boyfriend’s things, and even got rid of an expensive figurine without realizing it.

While talking about such things, my ex-girlfriend’s insolent hands get involved. She is forced to do it while her best friend is out of his seat, and her mouth explodes into a blowjob she hasn’t had in a long time. She is so absorbed in playing a mobile game that she hides in the kitchen and stifles her voice while she cunnies and hand fucks him. She drinks at home with her pussy on fire, and as soon as he falls asleep, she invites her ex-boyfriend to bed with her.

She is in heat and has a big pussy, so she gets fucked by her ex-boyfriend’s fingering and cock and gets wild! She is honest with her best friend’s girlfriend who she hasn’t seen in a long time without telling her current boyfriend, and they have a one-night fuck NTR!

Featuring:Mai Hazuki
Series:My Best Friend’s Girl Friend
Tags:AV Idol Cum-in-Mouth Big Tits Pretty Tits Handjob Titty Fuck Creampie Bareback Cunnilingus Blowjob

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