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She gets fucked right in the middle of the interview! Yuki, a cute and innocent amateur, loses her mind and gets fucked! She looks quiet and has a calm tone of voice. She says she’s only watched porn a few times, but when we ask her about it, she candidly admits to having fucked her roommate while he was sleeping. What? Could it be that she is actually very naughty?

Then, the actor comes up from behind with a big hard-on and starts fucking her right away! He asks her, “What’s your sexual zone? What’s inside? The staff member continues to interview her as if she is a secret. Yuki, looking cute as she is being fucked, smiles and says, “I like it longer, and I like to get fucked in the back…with a cock. She gets her favorite deep vaginal penetration and comes screaming! She gets fucked in the back, which doesn’t look good on camera, but then she gets back on track and gets a second round of slow and steady toy torture!

Starring: Yuki Shirai
Release Date: 2022-08-11
Duration: 01:00:37
Tags: Amateur Loli Pretty Tits Creampie Masterbation Blowjob Handjob Cunnilingus Bareback Dirty Talk

Although she looks a neat and innocent amateur, enjoy the perversity of this overly-sensitive one!

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