A Gymnastics Girl in Her Sexy Leotard

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Here comes Chie Miyake in a beautiful leotard! Chie has been training hard for the competition, but she seems to have fallen into a slump. Her coach says, “It’s because of the bad chi in her lower body." First, she massages the cracks of her body with her leotard on. She is so excited that she starts to squirt with pleasure when her pussy is played with with one of her legs raised up.

She is so obedient that even when the coach, who is a nasty and domineering maniac, gives her an insistent blowjob, she says, “Cock tastes good," and sucks it with a slobbering mouth. Her soft body allows her to perform a variety of acrobatic positions, and her pussy is on the verge of collapse! This is sure to win the competition!

Starring: Chie Miyake
Release Date: 2022-08-09
Duration: 00:58:52
Tags: AV Idol Loli Pretty Tits Creampie Squirt Blowjob Cunnilingus Bareback

Rhythmic gymnastics girl in a Leotard drenched in love juice, so let’s lick it.

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