Summer Nude 1: Take off your pants while nobody is around

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Here you go! Riku Kozakura joins our project where you can have a virtual date from your boyfriend’s point of view. On the way home from a date at a festival. She was having so much fun that she was distracting herself by eating ice cream while pulling her hair back. Riku-chan is pleased when I compliment her on how good she looks in her yukata.

The two of them still want to have fun, so they start to enjoy a little thrilling blowjob at a certain spot. They are smiling and gob-smacking, and it’s adorable. They decide to go home and enjoy sex. They dishevel their yukata and expose their boobs. She rubs her very beautifully shaped boobs and checks her armpits.

She also checks her armpits. When her clitoris becomes erect enough by handjob, she asks you to masturbate. She shows you how she masturbates in front of you. She makes you get naked and then slowly penetrates you. They end up having sex together while looking at you. Riku looks even cuter in the shower afterwards!

Starring: Riku Kozakura
Tags: chijyo nicetitties creampie handjob kounaihassha bishiri yokui
Release Date: 2022/08/04
Duration: 01:02:07

Summer Nude 1-Happy, No One’s Watching, Drop Your Pants! So let’s enjoy stealing at it.

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Some are mosaiced by the rules, but the main story is not mosaiced.


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