My erection doesn’t stop at the beauty salon

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The film crew came to a rejuvenating esthetic salon. Suzu Miura, a pretty girl with a childish face and neat black hair, was assigned to the job. Since this was not a sex establishment, touching was strictly forbidden, but we touched her buttocks and asked her to give us a blowjob.

Suzu was quite hard, but she gave in and gave me a blowjob. Then, he inserted his cock into her. Suzu was reluctant, but he ejaculated inside her unkempt pussy for the first time!

Release Date: 2022/06/28
Featuring:Suzu Miura
Tags:Amateur Sweet Ass Slender Pretty Tits Creampie Blowjob Naive Black Hair

Let’s enjoy the happening at the rejuvenating esthetic salon.

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