Model Collection: Sakura Miyuki

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Miyuki Sakura, who has smooth long hair, big eyes, and outstanding proportions while being thin, appears for the first time on a straight road! !! She plays a nasty bride in the popular series “Model Collection"! Miyuki who came to a meeting at her wedding hall. Talking to her clerk and trying on her long-sought wedding dress, her clerk completely lost his reason and went out of control (forgetting his position) because of her beauty.

He rolls up her dressed up dress from her hem, inserts a thick cock as if to celebrate her marriage, and even vaginal cum shot! Miyuki Sakura, who hit a bridal planner who couldn’t help with Sukehei, tasted a different cock before her marriage and it seems that she’s satisfied with. .. !!

Release Date:2020/09/20
Featuring:Miyuki Sakura
Series:Model Collection
Tags:AV Idol Small Tits Sexy Legs Model Slender Creampie

It is a must-see for her to go crazy in her wedding dress!

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Some are mosaiced by the rules, but the main story is not mosaiced.



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