Pervert Hotel Room Clerk

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Rei Kitajima, a horny beautiful mature woman who works as a hotel guest room clerk. When she is cleaning the room while the guest is going out, she finds a used toothbrush and starts masturbating! Rubbing her nipples with a toothbrush and sniffing his underwear, her middle finger daringly wets her pussy.

The customer suddenly returned to the climax and was able to see the situation! Rei puts her hand in the crotch of his man and seduces him, even though she makes the mistake of saying “I’m sorry". The excited man pushes an oversized dick into Rei’s small mouth!

Starring: Rei Kitajima
Tags: creampie cogal kyonyu masterbation tittyfuck handjob sixtynine eatpussy
Release Date: 2013/03/15
Duration: 01:02:28

Please enjoy what the pervert hotel room clerk is doing while the guest is away.

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