My Best Friend’s Girl Friend: Kotomi Yuzuno

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A cute beauty, Yuzu Kotomi, who looks good on a shortcut, appears as her best friend. After having a drink with her boyfriend and her best friend, she stayed overnight. Kotomi-chan crawls on a futon while sleeping on a futon. She is a polite blow job that even licks balls while taking a secret pose.

She is irresistible and her boyfriend’s best friend who slips her panties and inserts raw cock. Kotomi-chan, who has a good thing about her boyfriend who is sleeping soundly and forgives her vaginal cum shot at the end, is erotic! It’s worth seeing!

Starring: Kotomi Yuzuno
Release Date: 2022-06-25
Duration: 01:01:24
Tags: AV Idol Slut Pretty Tits Creampie Big Tits Shaved Pussy Blowjob Cunnilingus Bareback Slender

Please enjoy the erotic play of Kotomi-chan who crawls at night while sleeping on a futon.

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