Unfaithful Wife Who Tells a Lie to Her Husband

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In anticipation of when her husband is not on a business trip, we call a beautiful short-haired wife, Chika Motohashi, for a secret meeting. She seems to watch AV from time to time, and she likes realistic things such as “married woman massage". When asked if she likes masturbation, she seems to like her every day, so she is a cute real young wife who appeals her seriously, “I don’t hate it."

Let such a serious Chika call her husband who is on a business trip while masturbating and fucking, and complete the live cuckold sex! See the sex of a married woman who just makes a pant voice while saying that she is nothing when she is on the phone.

Release Date: 2022/05/31
Featuring: Chika Motohashi
BWHB82 W57 H86
Tags: Small Tits Mil fSweet Ass Slende rHandjob Masterbation Bareback

Oh, how scared, liar wife! Flirtation in the third year of marriage.

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