Great Shooting: Minami Sawada

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Minami Sawada, who has a unique pheromone, is covered with semen in the “Shooting" series and makes her first appearance on 1pondo! The finest beautiful buttocks, the thinly cracked abdominal muscles and the cracks are the best! In the first half, while licking her boobs with her tongue piercing, make a stain on her pants, stick out her nice ass and play with a slimy pussy!

Sensitivity is good and slippery beauty pussy is fingered and apt! Squeeze a man’s sperm with a sparkling and sharp waist of navel piercing! In the second half, the cock is busy with the upper and lower mouths! Insert a shaved pussy with a nice ass Piledriver! The waist of a terrible constriction is twisted and panting is rolled up! Rich sperm bukkake double shot 3P on the face panting for pleasure!

Release Date:2022/04/05
Featuring:Minami Sawada
Tags:AV Idol Sexy Legs Debut Paipan Sweet Ass Big Tits Handjob Piledriver Masterbation Creampie Bareback Cunnilingus Blowjob Threesome

Please enjoy her sexual shooting.

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First of all, I hate women who have tongue piercings. In addition, I hate the big dripping milk of these areolas. If you look closely, it feels like you’re putting something in it, which is unnatural. The dark body is also the unnatural blackness of pigmentation like the remnants of a black gal who goes to the sunbeds. I’ve never seen an unnatural woman so far.
by Ojisan 2022/04/04


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