My Best Friend’s Girl Friend: Nana Shirai

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Nana-chan, a friend of girlfriend who has a cute smile. If I go to my best friend’s house on a business trip, I will meet her who is living with her best friend again. I’ve been a favorite of her for a long time, but she’s her best friend of mine, so we ended up without our confession. While her best friend was away, it turned out that she actually liked me as well.

She was held by Nana-chan, saying, “I wish I had been dating," and while struggling with her best friend, “Forget about it now. Let’s go to bed." Enjoy the fair-skinned sensitive body, lick each other, and pierce the no hair pussy with a pounding piston! Burn up as much as we want while her best friend is away! I promised my best friend that I wouldn’t even do a cleaning blow.

Release Date:2022/03/26
Featuring:Nana Shirai
Series:My Best Friend’s Girl Friend
Tags:AV Idol Sexy Legs Paipan Sweet Ass Slender Big Tits Pretty Tits Handjob 69 Creampie Bareback Cunnilingus Blowjob

In the end, it was cuckold (NTR), but please enjoy the process.

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Nana Shirai is a cute, fair-skinned and large tits with a pudding ass and a nice shaved pussy. If Nana-chan told me she liked her and she came positively, I couldn’t help her being her best friend. It was very nice to have sex with a lot of close contact while repeating rich kisses like lovers many times. After all, this kind of sex is the best.
by Ojisan 2022/03/26