Visit a Gal Living Alone: Casual Sex with Casual Sexfriend

At first glance, she looks mature and has little male experience, and her name is Rika-chan (21 years old). She is a Masochist girl with a slightly perverted temperament. She usually has sex with her sex friend at the hotel, but today I decide to visit her home to change my mood and enjoy a little pervert play. Her room is full of things.

When she went to bed while avoiding obstacles, the laundry was dried in the house, and she was strangely excited about the room with a feeling of life. There is a familiar object by the window … When she’s lonely, I think she’s masturbating with this (laughs). She goes to the bathroom to invite me and stares at me with greedy eyes. When I put my dick in front of her, she obediently sucked it, so she got a deep throat.

She went back to bed, tied her wrists and played with her with an electric massage machine, and she seemed to be more excited that she couldn’t move, and her pussy was more than usual. Licca-chan who inserts it raw and makes a piston violently and calls “comfortable" repeatedly and panting. Please come and see such erotic sexfriend disorder & Masochist!

Starring: Rika Kawamura
Release Date: 2022-01-25
Duration: 01:02:44
Tags: Amateur POV Creampie Shaved Pussy Masterbation Blowjob Bareback Small Tits Slender Cum-in-Mouth

Please enjoy the Rika-chan’s sexual life with her sexfriend.

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