The Undisclosed: The Physical Examination for Yui

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As she has experience in girls’ co ○ action, she has the strongest appearance! Even though she is so slender, she is a nice buddy with fluffy beauty big tits. Let’s take a physical measurement to enjoy Yui Kisaragi’s body to the fullest! It’s not a normal anthropometry.

We measure various parts from the toes to the top of her head! Yui-chan has big eyes and is cute. The eyesight when measuring the size of her eyes is incomplete! We will also measure the inside of the vagina by sticking a transparent dildo into the vagina. We want to make a pleasant voice, check the clitoris, make it bigger and measure it … and ascend in no time! Super lively masturbation is amazing!

Starring: Yui Kisaragi
Release Date: 2022-01-22
Duration: 00:15:34
Tags: AV Idol Pretty Tits Big Tits Masterbation Slender

Please enjoy her complete physical examination from the top to toes.

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