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A beautiful wife who challenges 2 holes 3P in front of her husband even though it is her first anal! The one who applied for the shoot was Kanae-chan, a young beautiful wife who has an exotic look like a half with her older husband.

In fact, a couple with a special habit. When she takes off her clothes, her husband’s shaved pussy (with a tiny triangle) is revealed. First of all, from the first anal expansion. The first acme of anal when M-shaped spread legs are opened for the first time! Simultaneous insertion of both holes while being seen by her husband 3P! Two vaginal cum shots in anal and pussy!

Starring: Kanae Shiroyama
Release Date: 2022-01-18
Duration: 01:03:05
Tags: Amateur Creampie Masterbation Vibrator Blowjob Handjob Anal Bareback Milf

Enjoy the shame of a young wife who works hard for her perverted husband!

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