Quick Shooting: The Best of Reika Kudo

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I’ve collected and looked at the highlights of Reika Kudo, who has beautiful eyes and spit! First of all, as a lustrous married woman who grabs the heart of a virgin who has no female experience,she will give gentle love-making guidance. She treats young, energetic, untouched cock with the finest blow job and tastes rich semen.

Then, the cock that has grown to the point of being torn off is inserted into the wet pussy and pierced. In the following scene, her hands are tied up and attacked, showing the M side. The expression of looking at the camera is irresistible when her nipple is blamed and the pussy full of love juice is spread and then it is inserted violently. Please enjoy the sex appeal of “Reika Kudo", which has an indescribable sensuality.

Starring: Reika Kudo
Tags: original nicetitties hame creampie masterbation sixtynine eatpussy best kounaihassha bishiri binyuu
Release Date: 2022/01/12
Duration: 01:00:39

Please enjoy how quick you can be satisfied to shoot thanks to Reika-chan’s special service.

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