I’ve always loved you: An elegant widowed and brother-in-law in front of the deceased【Caribbeancom】

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Reika is a beautiful widow whose husband suddenly died in a car accident on her way home and held a funeral. The evening of the 49th, when her husband’s younger brother, who could not come to her funeral on a business trip abroad, attended. Her husband’s younger brother confesses that she has always liked her, perhaps because she has just become a widow. Would you like to be embraced by her husband’s younger brother in front of her deceased? “I’m sorry, Koichi-san," accepts the thoughts of her husband’s younger brother. She said, “Be gentle," and her bristle pubic hair, undressed and wet, did she expect this to happen? Two people who break the pantyhose and hug each other violently in front of the deceased. And if she had reached her climax, she asked her late husband’s younger brother, “Will you wait until the end of the first anniversary?"

Starring: Reika Kudo

What does it mean by what she said that please wait until the end of the first anniversary?

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