The Androphobic Girl Next Door

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A beautiful whitening woman wearing a fluffy natural aura who moved next to the condominium was suffering from stalking. She couldn’t stand the anxious days and she finally talked to her neighbor’s man about the stalker. She must be androphobic, but for some reason she can’t hide to talk to this man normally. If she is favorable with the person, she confesses that she has never had a male experience because of androphobia. “If I’m okay …" “Please!" The gentle kiss and caress of the man made the sensitive flower garden of the future soaked. The gradual movement of her fingers and tongue gradually made her consciousness go away, and eventually she felt like she was being pulled somewhere far away. “I … I’m coming … ?!" A future where I can’t suppress the unbearable urge that the man in front of me wants, even though I’m confused by the climax for the first time in her life. And at the time of the first penetration finally greeted. Her body and soul will be pierced by the unusual penis that comes into her for the first time.

Starring: Miku Fujii

How could she overcome androphobia?

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